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Pig Roast

 When: Sunday, May 24th,   6:00 pm-?? / Cost: $8 for Adults & $4 for Kids under 12 Provided: Water, Soft Drinks, BBQ & Sides You Bring: BYOB and Your Friends! The pool will be open! / **RSVP: belindajackson5@yahoo.com **Please let us know how many guests and if you would be willing to help with any set-up or clean-up!

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Note: We’d like to have the option of future communication by email! Even if you don’t plan to attend the pig roast this year (but we hope you do!), please take a moment to respond to the RSVP address above and provide an email address where you could receive future Arden Trace HOA communication or updates. Thanks!

Join us in Congratulating our 2014/2015 Graduating High School Seniors.

Please come and join our Board.

  • Working to keep our neighborhood a safe place for our children
  • Community effort to keep our neighborhood beautiful
  • High standards for resale value
  • Neighborhood watch

From time to time we will be monitoring, updating and modifying this site to keep our neighbors as current as possible on the ATHA events.  During the update process you will notice a warning indicating the site is under construction or going through a modification.  We will schedule these at non-peak and off hours for your convenience.

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Committee Announcements

Join The Welcoming Committee We need to resurrect the ATHA Welcoming Committee. If you are interested in this important activity, please contact a board member. Join the Social Committee If anyone is interested in being a member or providing support to our Social Committee or interested in planning a neighborhood function, please contact Belinda Jackson @ belindajackson5@yahoo.com From the Architectural Committee Architectural changes need to be submitted at least 7-14 days prior to renovations in order to be approved, (unless in case of emergency).