If you are interested in joining an Arden Trace Tennis team. Please contact the captain for information on level of  play, cost, and eligibility.

Mixed Doubles / Men's:  Rich Nyberg 404-229-0188

Summer Men’s Seniors – Tim Sides 404-852-7769


Anyone interested in starting another team please contact Jerry Bartone  (404-824-0638) and he will work with you to get things started.


In order to help protect our access to the Swimming Pool Area, I have made keys for the Tennis Captains to provide bathroom access.  If your tennis captain is a non-resident then the co-captain or team resident can be the key holder.Although during the summer months the pool area dead bolt and restrooms are usually opened, I have provided those keys as well.There are four keys in all.  One for the Pool Dead Bolt, one for the pool gate entrance, one for the bathroom access and one for the tennis courts.  The tennis court key should also work for the wooden gate behind the viewing stands. The combination to the bathroom door is needed along with the key.Combination:C  to clear any previous setting  1267Z  Then pull to open…..remember to unlock the bathroom dead bolt first.Remember we want to keep this pool gate closed at all times to protect young ones from entering unprotected.